How to easily Screen Tenants in 5 Steps?

How to easily Screen Tenants in 5 Steps?

Possessing a consistent and thorough screening procedure set up is among the most essential measures you may take as a landlord. Assessing a Tenant background check can help minimize some of those dangers of being a landlord, including overdue payments and non-payment, renter eviction, and property damage.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of having a rental home, you could be asking yourself,”How can I conduct a background check on a tenant?”

Below are ideas on the best way best to screen potential tenants in five measures.

Our infographic will be able to help you visualize the procedure, while we proceed into further detail in the subsequent sections.

1. Establish Your Prerequisites


A TransUnion survey found that payment issues rated as the top concern with 84 percent of taxpayers, which will be no surprise once the price of an eviction caused by nonpayment could run around $10,000 in court costs and legal fees.

An perfect tenant ought to have sufficient income to pay their lease, even if unexpected expenses arise. When they don’t get enough cash, they could have difficulty paying their bills, surprise expenses, along with the lease fee. Bear in mind the business standard is a ratio of 3 times the earnings to rent.

A means to measure to ascertain that an applicant’s ability to pay rent is based on a few very simple mathematics. A rent-to-income ratio calculator might help weed out unqualified applicants in front of a landlord undergoing a detailed screening and employment confirmation procedure.

Landlord and employment references

A tenant must have favorable private, landlord, and occupation history references.This will help to confirm they’ve provided precise details in their program, abandoned their prior rental in good shape, and are now working.

Credit history

A credit rating might be among the main criteria when assessing an applicant’s ability and willingness to pay their rent on time. A high credit rating indicates a favorable financial history of earning payments on time, and so a renter with great credit is more likely to be punctually with lease.


Every landlord ought to know the best way to test whether a tenant was evicted. TransUnion data demonstrates that evicted inhabitants have almost 3 times as many previous evictions and rental-related set records as non-evicted inhabitants.

Criminal History

A tenant criminal history check will be able to help you answer questions to help avoid placing your house or your neighborhood in danger.

2. Do a First Screening

Setting expectations begins with the leasing advertisement. Disclosing all essential data within the body of this advertising can help you initially-screen tenants and help you save time.

In case you’ve got little closets, be fair about it, and therefore you don’t squander time showing the house to somebody who needs a considerable storage area. Since many tenants are pet owners, you need to incorporate your pet coverage. List some deal breakers like prior evictions or smoking within the device.

3. Make an Application

Employing the identical application form for each and every potential tenant may better help you assess tenants and keep you in compliance with fair housing legislation.

This is where you gather information such as present and previous landlords, employment history, references, and previous evictions. Ensure you’ve got a spot to get a signature and keep your backups to safeguard yourself in the event of a future dispute.

4. Display Your Tenant

Now, you’ve done lots of the job involved with the tenant screening procedure. You have set your standards and prescreened applicants. Now you have to confirm the self-reported information that the applicant has offered in dialog and on the composed program.

As you want to spend time calling references and confirming current earnings, it is reasonable to simplify the practice of conducting criminal, credit and eviction history accounts for your rental properties with a single tenant screening method. You’ll also obtain a credit-based ResidentScore, that may forecast evictions 15% greater than a normal credit rating since it’s designed specifically for the leasing business..

5. Make a Determination

Return over your primary standards to find out whether a potential tenant is a game. Finally, you are the person who understands your property finest. As an independent landlord, you have the capability to be more flexible but do not feel you want to rush the procedure.

There are screening check mobile apps for these as well, You can even develop your own mobile and web app as well.

Selecting the most appropriate online tenant screening agency means obtaining the reliable information you can trust. I hope you like reading this article.